NEW! Private Dining Rooms!

Call 814-383-2616 to Reserve an Upstairs Private Dining Room!

Room minimun number must be met to reserve, if you do not have the minimum we may need to seat you in the main dining room.

These rooms are on the second floor of the Inn accessible by one flight of stairs. 


The Gallery

gilded mirrors and fine art

Seats 10-14

gallery 1gallery 2


The Penn State Room 

Seats 9 – 12

psu room 1
20221207_233607 20221207_233758

The Roost

with a nod to local towns and farms

Seats 6-8

roost 10roost 1

The Game Room

aka our retro room

seats 6-8

The Game Roomretro game room

The Garden Room

floral touches

Seats 6-8

garden room

the garden room